Mother’s Day

Mother’s day 8th May 2016

Celebration to the motherhood is this unique and must appericiate occstion or achivement, which is possible only for woman.

Mother is the first teacher to each child on the earth.


as per Indian mantras and Vedas, Mother considered as the first God or God substitute on the earth as God can’t be available in every place and taken care of each one. We should pray to Mother before praying to God. one should at least respect his/her mother , even though not considering as God and prying to Mother. We Indians are ready to fallow Valentine Day
But not Mother’s day. In fact most of the people are unknown about Mother’s Day even today.

No need to give valuable gifts to Mother’s on this occasion at least recognise Motherhood & Mother value . Try to listen and fallow her at least on this Mother’s Day.

I love my mom☺