What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation is the expansion of SEO. Nearly 5 to 6 years before only few people know about it and was able to use SEO. Today SEO become one of the booming tool of e-commerce and internet marketing. Their are number of online and offline courses available to learn SEO and get high paying jobs almost equally to software engineers. SEO is used in Affiliate Marketing to earn money.

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Affiliate Marketing

Today’s youth is much interested with own business idea and want to become entrepreneur . To start own business in today’s market affiliate business is the good option . Below are major affiliate program popular in India
Amazon, Flipkart

What is Affiliate Marketing?

This is simple way to start up your own business of selling third party products or services through online/ Internet . As evey knows that now digital marketing is the trend across the glob. In India PM Mr. Narendra Modi also promoting digital India concept for the startups, so this is the right time to start your affiliate business today it self. Many of us may mention that I do not have money with me to invest . Govt not provided any platform start my own business or no one supporting me to go ahead to make my dream come true. Truth about business is selling product or services. One should think about his/ her potential to to do sales of products / services to the targeted customer. Affiliate marketing provides equal opportunities to every one of us to become business men, since we are allowed to sell top branded products/ services to targeted audience.

Affiliate business give opportunity to start marketing well known products & services to your targeted customers. Means most of the popular companies like Amazon,Flipkart,Goddady, Unilever’s etc are giving opportunity to do market their services & products on commission basis. You meed not to spend your time in design products/ services to sell and earn money. only job you need to do is just sell .

To increase your Affiliate selling you should use SEO

What is SEO ?

Search engine optimisation is the expansion of SEO
. Nearly 5 to 6 years before hardly any one know about it SEO
, But now Search engine optimisation become the most powerful tool in internet marketing and e – commerce marketing. For more information on search engine optimisation, please read my blog on

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       Software Engineer
      Management Trainee

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Women’s Day

International Women’s day 8th March 2016
Women’s day
celebration are part of appreciation to the women in our life.

Women having many role in our life starts from Mother, Sister,Wife & Daughter

Woman means Beauty what ever the role this is occasion to appreciate them as we are living with them by them for them.

I wish all women on this planet a great Women’s day 8th March 2016