Om Namah Shivaya
Shivaratri celebrations on 07-Mar-2016 Krishnamsetti palli, near to Giddaluru.
On the occasion of Shivarathri I have visited Loard Shiva Temple in Krishnamstettipalli. This is a samll village near to a town called Giddaluru. Krishnamstettipalli is located  approximately 5 to 6 Km from Giddaluru towards Nandyal road . Full day Annadana arranged by temple management. It was developed by Pidathala Vijay Bhaskar time from TDP . This Shiva temple consists of other sub temple os Lord Venksteswara, Lord Ranganatha, Lord Saibaba and Anjaneya. Their are APSRTC Buses and local transport like sharing auto are available.


Temples of India


Tirumala Tirupati Desvastanam

TTD is the short form of
Tirumala Tirupati Devastanam ,
it is the Hindu religious institution
acting as the custodian of world famous temple of Lord Venkateshawara . TTD was formly announced in 1933, it was established to maintain and promote Hindu Sanatana Dharma across the globe. In 2015 Sri.Chadalawada Krishnamurthy,(Ex.M.L.A.) was eclected as chairman of TTD.

TTD is not only taking care of religious growth of Hunidusum, but it has also participating in social activities like providing free food , shelter and medication to pilgrims and poor people across .

TTD is the richest religious institution in India , with the annual budget about Rs. 2000crore . Which will be spending in various welfare schemes like free food , shelter, free medication and school for specially enabled. Over 1/3 of the major part of revenue to TTD comes in the form of offerings made by devotees in Srivari Hundi. TTD appointed 40 employees to count the currency & coin at Srivari Hundi.

TTD running a satellite TV channel ( Sri Venkateswara Bhakti channel) SVBC to telecast all information about Tirumala Devastanam. One can watch free live broadcasting from internet and it is available on all major DTH operators in India .

Tirumala Tirupati Devastanam is
Well connected with transport like flight, where Renigubtta Airport is nearest with 14Km. Tirupathi having number of trains across India and all major States road transportation have direct bus services. Once reach to Tirupathi one can choose further transport. Since Tirupathi having 4 depo local buses and private local Jeep’s are also available.

But for the pilgrim who want to choose foot walk (Pedestrian Path) Alipiri is the place to get down to start walking with only option of Alipiri depo bus, which is the only bus give stop at Alipiri. From Alipiri to Trirumala is about 9 Km which will take in general 3 to 4 Hrs of walking. In the process one need not to worry about toilet and drinking water as TTD provided free service. If one is much interested with other stuff like Tea,Coffee, Biscuits, Cool drink and fresh fruit salad also available through out the way. In this process of reaching Trirumala (Pedestrian Path) one need to claim about 3500+ steps about distance of 9Km.

Once reached to step no.2080 one can see the 600 years old “Gali Gopuram”. At Gali Gopuram piligirm are given tokens with the help of bio – metric machine, which will give pilgrim to access free luggage counter, free darshan, free food and free laddu Prada. One want have light breakfast (need to buy) and medical dispensary (free) also available at Gali Gopuram.

Once reaching to Trirumala you can see the Ayurveda Medican garden and when you’re nearing to Temple you can see the stuff like toothbrush, paste and clothes etc on the flat form ( offcouse the prices are quite expensive than MRP). Then you will see TTD rooms and Anna Dana house, if you want to offer hair to God you can get inside to Kalyana katt. Where you will be offered with one token with half bleade, these are all free but still the Barbara will ask you money like Rs. 10 or 20. Once you finish this process you can take bath in bathroom attached to Kalyana katt .

As per old story of Lord Venkateawara , we should visit Varaha Swamy before visiting main Temple. Their is a water pond between main Temple and Varaha Swamy Temple, exactly behind to Varaha Temple on the one of the mada veedhi. It is allowed take bath at this pond and go for darshan of Varaha Swamy (visiting time only between 5am to 9pm).

After this one can go into the Q of Kali batta to visit God it will take approximately 3 to 4 hrs as per the resh . once come out from temple after visiting Srivari Hundi in the left side of main temple , you are guided to collect prasad i.e world famous Tirupathi Laddu in the back side counter.


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